When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons….

Make Lemonade? Give them back and demand to speak to life’s manager? Turn it around and give those lemons life creating an army of sentient citrus that will one day turn on humanity and rule the world with an iron pith?  I dunno. One things for sure though, appreciate that life still takes the time to give you something and don’t just throw the lemons away. They could come in handy for something.

I spent most of the day battling a leaky pipe that caused a giant puddle to accumulate in my downstairs bathroom and into the hallway. Luckily the damage was minimal, but I had to rip out the vanity in order to get the pipe fixed. I know right? GOOD TIMES!  But in the midst of the frustration, and trust me there was plenty of that, I realized that it could be way worse. This leaky pipe I’m dealing with is bringing clean water into my house. Clean water that it at the ready in a back up bathroom in my basement that rarely gets used. How lucky am ?

Anywho, I guess the point of this little post was just to show some appreciation for what I’ve got on this Monday that could’ve gone a completely different direction had I let it.  How’s you’re day going? 

I read this random post on my Instagram feed one morning that said “Are you having a bad day, or did you have a bad 5 minutes and you’re going to milk it the rest of the day?”. And I admit I was having a crap morning when I read that and my first response was “SHUT YOU MOUTH INSTAGRAM!”, but really, how often is the whole day really that bad? Sure, I had a leaky pipe that caused some havoc this morning, but I got it figured out, got to spend some time in the afternoon relaxing with my dog, then the wife and kids got home and we made dinner and watched Moana. I’d say that, all things considered, it was a good day. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go read Frankenstein and see if I can do something with these lemons I got today.